Underground Puller


Unit performance:

Rated line pull:  8,000 lb. Underground puller

2,500 ft. 3/8” steel wire braided pulling rope (anti-twist)  

Auto – levelwind:

Hydraulically actuated 3 axis.  Up down, left right, extending out and in

Self supported boom with hydraulic 20” extension – to center over duct work 

Power train / hydraulics:

38.9 h.p. Isuzu tier 4 interim diesel engine 

Fuel capacity: 18 gal.

Fully hydrostatic drive pump

Hydraulic driven twin capstan bullwheels – constant pulling capacity of 8,000 lbs. Available

Footage counter

Electronic dynamometer to meter actual pulling tensions, speed, distance and line tension with usb port or with usb output to transfer data

Read out for pulling tensions

185 cfm 100 psi vanair air compressor for blowing in wire rope in duct air compressor

Retractable reel with 50’ air hose

Operator / safety features: 

All unit operator controls are located at the operator’s station, off ground except air compressor ignitions controls

Operators seat mounted in rear

(2) grounding lugs mounted front, each side 

Capacity & dimensions:   

Overall length 173” [approx.]

Overall width 90”  

Weight approx. 7,000 lbs.


8,000 lbs. Single axle

12” x 2” electric brakes on all wheels

(2) 215/75r17.5 lr-h tires

(2) 17.5” x 6” single wheels (8 hole on 6 ½” bolt circle)

(1) pair mud flaps

Tongue, hitch & jack:    

5” x 3” tubular steel a-frame

6 – position adjustable hitch plate ( 14” through 27” )

2 1/2” lunette eye 35,000 lbs. Capacity

3/8” x 36” l galvanized safety chains with safety hooks and anchor shackles

Tongue jack - hydraulically


7” x 3” tubular steel main fram

7” x 3” tubular steel crossmembers at front, rear of bed

Tubelar crossmembers on 24” centers

(2) rear stabilizing jacks - hydraulically actuated

12 volt wiring system:  

Icc & dot approved led lights

Sealed beam rubber mounted stop, turn, tail and marker lights

S.o. Cable wiring loom, clamped on 16” centers with rubber lined clamps

Wiring loom terminated in junction boxes

Connections soldered and sealed with heat shrink tubing

32” pigtail with 6-way or 7-way rv type plug


Trailer is completely steel grit blasted

Seams are sealed with paintable caulk

Rust prohibitive two-part epoxy polyamide primer

Two-part acrylic polyurethane topcoats                                 

All attachments painted before assembly and installed

With serviceable fasteners

Options: hot dip galvanizing

                 remote control

                 tool box

                 air adapter kit and underground rollers

                 operators canopy

                 185 cfm air compressor upgrade