Nuclear IAEA Action Plan Safety Hose

9,400 # GVWR-Calculated at 15% Weight Transfer to Tow Vehicles
6,500 # Approx.  Load Capacity

Overall Length: Approx. 134"
Overall Width:  approx. 98" Max
Reel Size Capacity:  (1) One 96"D x 60"W x 3" Center Hole

8,000# Rubber Torsion Axle
12-1/4" x 3-3/8" Electric Brakes on All Wheels
(2) Two - 215/75R17.5 LR-H Tires "Tires to be Foam Filled"
(2) Two - 17.5" x 6.5" Single Wheels (8 Holes on 6 1/2" Bolt Circle)

Heavy Duty Bronze Bushings
Custom 2 Section Reel Assembly for Storing/Deploying Lay Flat Water Hose:
Section #1 of drum to hold 200' of 5"OD Yellow TPX Water hose for first section of deployment
Section #2 of drum to hold remaining 1,400' of 5"OD Yellow HFX Water hose for remainder of deployment
Built in 2 7/8" Reel Bar machined on each end for receiving Overspin brake, and/or hydraulic take up unit

*Drum Includes: 1,600' Total of 5"OD Yellow TPX Waterhose broken into 350' sections with 5" Aluminum National Hose Thread Couplers

Custom Level Wind System:
Aids in the retrieval of water hose, guiding each section of hose on to the designated spool section
Enclosure is lined with rollers that aids in compressing residual water out of the hose
Comes off the bottom of the trailer
Roller Guide is linked with a track arm that oscillates back and forth to wind the hose evenly back onto the drum
Level Wind is actuated via wireless remote control

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Take Up / Pay Out Assembly:
Direct Drive to Reel Bar, Eliminates Problems Associated with Rim Drive Systems
2,100 lbs of Line Pull on a 24" Drum @ 1,800 psi
2,250 psi Continuos
2,950 psi Intermittent
Double Cross Over Relief Valve to Cushion Motor on Sudden Stops and to Prevent Overload
*Hydraulic Take up/pay out assembly is actuated via wireless remote control
Adjustable Flow Control located on trailer for metering the speed of the hydraulic motor

Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Pack :
Mounted in A-Frame of Trailer 
25 HP Air Cooled Kohler Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine Powerpack with Electric Start, 20 gallon Reservoir, Replaceable Filter, Pressure Gauge, and an engine pre-heater. Rated for  13 GPM at 2800 RPMs and 3000 PSI

8" Overspin Brake Assembly

6" x 3" x 3/16" Steel Tubing
6-Position Adjustable Hitch Plate (14" through 27")
3" Lunette Eye, 35K Capacity
3/8" x 36"L Galvanized Safety Chains
(1) One 10,000 lb Dropleg Jack

*Wheel Chock Holders with Rubber Wheel Chocks
*Tool Box: Approx. 24"L x 12"W x 12"T

6" x 4" x 1/4" Steel Tube Main Frame
5" x 3" x 1/4" Vertical Rack Supports

Fabricated 1/8" Steel Diamond Tread Plate Fenders

Conspicuity Tape, Both Sides, Rear and Tongue, Meets DOT and NHTSA Standards