7,000 lb Axle w/LR-E Tires

GVWR:                              6,600 lb

Payload:                              5,000 lb.


8,000 lb Axles w/LR-G Tires

GVWR:                               8,100 lb.

Payload:                            6,500 lb.

Overall Length:                       141"

Overall Width:                         98"


9,000 lb Axles w/LR-H Tires

GVWR:                              10,500 lb.

Payload:                             8,500 lb.

Overall Length:                         141"

Overall Width:                         102"

Electric Brakes

Reel Capacity: 120" Dia. x 60" Wide

2 7/8" Reel Bar with (2) Locking Collars

Individual Latching at Each Reel Bar Location, Eliminates

Excessive Play of Reel Bar

Separate Pumps and Release Valves Operate Hydraulic

Cylinders Independently To Aid In Loading And Unloading

On Uneven Terrain

 Holding Pins Latch Automatically When Cylinders Reach

Full Height Adjustable Height Hitch with 2 1/2" Lunette Eye

10,000# Binkley Drop Leg Jack

Wiring and Hydraulic Hoses Run Inside The Frame

Exposed Hydraulic Lines and Pump Assemblies Are Protected By a Shroud and Skid Plate

UHMW-PE Wear Pads Inside Riser Tubes Eliminates Steel on Steel Friction, No Lubrication Necessary


6" x 4" x ¼" Steel Tube Main Rail

6" x 3" x 3/16" Tongue and A-frame

5" x 4" x 3/16" Verticals

3" x 3" x 3/16" Bracing

Safety Breakaway Kit with Trickle Charger

Soldered & Sealed Wiring Loom

Sealed Beam Lights

Trailer is Completely Sandblasted

Rust Prohibitive Two-Part Epoxy Polyamide Primer

Two-Part Polyurethane Paint


Spare tire holder