Self-Loading Turret

* Turret turned in tilt position for photos only.  Turret should only be used when reel is in the fully loaded position.

13,500 # GVWR-Calculated at 15% Weight Transfer to Tow Vehicles
10,500 # Approx.  Load Capacity

Overall Length:  134"
Overall Width:  98" Max
Reel Size:  (1) 90" Max Diameter x 65" Overall Width x 10,000#

7,000# Torflex  Axles
12" x 2" Electric Brakes on All Wheels
(4) Four - 235/80R16 LR-E Tires
(4) Four - 16" x 6" Single Wheels (8 Holes on 6-1/2 Bolt Circle)

Entire Rack is mounted on a heavy duty turn table with a hydraulic actuated slew bearing. Revolving rack rotates 360 deg. and is lockable every 15 deg.

Twin 4" Lift Cylinders Operated with, Lever Activated Control Valve
Heavy Duty Bronze Bushings
-(1) Custom Reel Bar built to the following specification:
-Machined on both ends for brake and take up
-2-7/8" OD Schd 160 Pipe .375 wall with (2) FIXED 4" spacer bushings
-One sided 5" Crossarm with welded "C" bracket for drum's cross rib (Pinnable)
-Lightest wall thickness possible
-Drum Rib Tubes = 6" wide x 2" deep

Hydraulic Take Up / Pay Out Assembly:
Direct Drive to Reel Bar, Eliminates Problems Associated with Rim Drive Systems
2,100 lbs of Line Pull on a 24" Drum @ 1,800 psi
2,250 psi Continuos
2,950 psi Intermittent
Double Cross Over Relief Valve to Cushion Motor on Sudden Stops and to Prevent Overload
Adjustable flow control for speed of hydraulic motor.
Complete assembly is removable for maintaining legal highway width

Hydraulic Power Pack:
25.5 HP Air Cooled Kohler Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine Powerpack with Electric Start, 20 gallon Reservoir, Replaceable Filter, Pressure Gauge. Capable of 12.6 gpm at 3000 RPM and 2500 psi continuous.

Two Lever Control Valve for the following functions:
-Loading and unloading spools
-Rotate turret rack curbside
-Rotate turret rack streetside

Solenoid Operated Directional Valve Assembly:
-12VDC, Double Solenoid, spring centered directional valve with A&B ports closed in center position. For foot pedal controller operating hydraulic take up assembly

6" x 3" x 3/16" Steel Tubing
6-Position Adjustable Hitch Plate (14" through 27")
2 1/2" Lunette Eye, 35K Capacity
3/8" x 36"L Galvanized Safety Chains
(1) One 10,000 lb Dropleg Jack

Hydraulic Stabilizer Jacks at rear of trailer
Rear jacks must be positioned at an angle or have extension supports to keep the tow vehicle's rear end from raising up.
Each ram can be operated independently at operator's control station

6" x 4" x 1/4" Steel Tube Main Frame
6" x 3" x 1/4" Steel Tube Lifting Arms

Fabricated 1/8" Steel Diamond Tread Plate Fenders

Conspicuity Tape, Both Sides, Rear and Tongue, Meets DOT and NHTSA Standards

ICC & DOT Approved LED Lights
Sealed Beam Rubber Mounted Stop, Turn, Tail & Marker Lights
S.O. Cable Wiring Loom, Clamped on 16" Centers with Rubber Lined Clamps
Wiring Loom Terminated in Junction Boxes
Connections Soldered & Sealed with Heat Shrink Tubing
32" Pigtail w/6-Way Plug, Terminated at Junction Box
Breakaway Kit with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Battery & Trickle Charger

Trailer is Completely Sandblasted
Seams are Sealed with Paintable Caulk
Rust Prohibitive Two-Part Epoxy Polyamide Primer
Two-Part Acrylic Polyurethane Topcoats - Metallic Blue
All Attachments Painted before Assembly & Installed with Serviceable Fasteners