PTB-162 XL with Optional Rear Pull-Out

Pole Trailer


23,500 lbs GVWR

17,500 lbs payload capacity (based on 10k axle setup)



Length Adjustments: 34' retracted, 52' extended, multiple pin locations


Cargo bed: steel floor between main frame rails, center to rear bolster

Overall width: 95"

Bolster height: 44" approx



10,000 lbs. tandem axles (option axles: 12k and 15k)

Oil bath hubs, 8 studs on 6.5" circle

Electric brakes on all wheels

Slipper springs suspension

Adjustable spring pads for wheel alignment

Reinforced spring hangers with 3" structural C-channel crossmember

(8) 235/80/R16 tires (3,520 lbs. capacity each)

(8) 16" x 6" dual wheels

Pair - mud flaps


Pole Bolsters

Front bolster mounted on the extendable tongue: 95"W fixed 5" double C-channel with 21" sanchions

Intermediate pole saddle mounted at the tongue receiver tube with winch binder and 4" poly strap

Center bolster: 95"W fixed 5" double C-channel construction with 21" stancions

Stanchions: 21" lever lock, sliding and removable

(4) Heavy duty ratchet type winch binders with breaker bar

(4) 15'L x 4"W x 12,000 lbs. nylon straps


Tongue & Hitch: 

8" x 6" tubular extendable tongue with lubricated steel wear pads and a greasable roller

Dead man stops welded to inner tongue to assure tongue extension cannot pull all the way out

6-position adjustable hitch plate

2-1/2" lunette eye

1/2" galvanized safety chains with safety hook and anchor shackle. Safety chain breaking load 45,200 lbs.


A-Frame & Jack

8" structural C-channel A-frame

(2) linked - heavy duty drop leg jacks - 12,000 lb. static load capacity mounted on the extendable tongue

(1) heavy duty drop leg jack on mounted in A-frame for extending tongue and strapping load.


Main Frame

8" x 4" tubular main frame

10" x 8" tongue receiver tube

8" x 4" tubular steel crossmembers under rear bolster

3" structural C-channel crossmembers



Fabricated 1/8" steel diamond tread plate fender construction

Reinforced with 3" structural C-channel at front and rear of fender


12 Volt Wiring System

ICC and DOT approved LED lights

Sealed beam rubber mounted stop, turn, trail and marker lights

S.O. cable wiring loom, clamped on 16" centers with rubber lined clamps

Wiring loom terminated in junction boxes

Connctions soldered and sealed with heat shrink tubing

Electrical plug terminated in junction box

6-way aluminum die cast plug (truck side) in rear butt tube for light bar hook-up

Breakaway kit with sealed lead acid battery and trickle charger



Trailer is completely steel grit blasted

Seams are sealed with paintable caulk

Rust prohibitive two-part epoxy polyamide primer

Two-part acrylic polyurethane topcoats

All attachments painted before assembly and installed with serviceable fasteners


Axle Upgrades - Electric Brakes

12,000 lbs. axles - GVWR: 28,000 lbs. Payload: 22,000 lbs.

(4) four - ST235/80R16 LR-E tires, 3,520 lb. capacity per tire in dual application

(4) four - 16" x 6" dual wheels (8 hole on 6 1/2" bolt circle)

16,000 lbs. axles - GVWR: 35,000 lbs. Payload: 29,000 lbs.

(4) four - 215/75R-17.5 LRH tires, 4540 lb. capacity per tire in dual application

(4) four - 17.5" x 16" dual wheels (10 hole on 8.75 bolt circle)


Axle Upgrades - Air Brakes

10k - 16k axles are available with air brakes

Anti-lock brakes (ABS) and spring brakes

Auto slack adjusters

Airline plumbing is internal with quick disconnects at each pinnable tongue extension location


Optional Spare Tire & Wheel

ST235/80R16 LR-E (10k & 12k axles)

215/75R/17.5 LR-H (16k axles)


Hitch, Jack & Misc. Options

3" lunette eye in lieu of 2 - 1/2" eye

Visible registration holder

Wheel chocks and wheel chock holders (7"H x 10"L x 8"W)


Cargo Bed Options

12 gauge steel floor with 10" x 10" perforated sections for drainage and clean-out

Additional 'D' rings for load securement


Optional Light Bar

Standard BBT Light Bar: Includes (2) oval rubber mounted sealed beam lights (stop, turn, and tail); (3) center ID marker lights and two side marker lights. Light bar is attached to the pole with an adjustable 1/4" chain and wingnut. Standard electric cable length is 12' with 6-way aluminum die cast connector (longer electric cables provided for longer capacity pole trailers. Entire assembly is galvanized.


Rear Pullout Extension

Adds approximately 10' to the overall length of the trailer. 95"W fixed 5" double C-channel bolster with 21" lever lock stanchions. Insertion tubes are lined with natural UHMW polyethelene wear pads and includes greasable steel rollers for easy extending and retracting.